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  • Fire Arm and ammunition. (must be larger than .23 caliber with a 18.5” barrel or larger) *New requirements to import your guns call for information.
  • Bow and Arrows (min draw weight 40#, min arrow length 24”,broad head min 7/8”)
  • Spare ammunition and arrows
  • Case for weapon
  • Rain gear
  • Personal hygienic gear (shaving kit, soap, etc.)
  • Hunting gear (binoculars, knife, game calls, etc)
  • Camouflage Hunting apparel (Scarlet is not mandatory) bring extra if possible
  • Waterproof boots, rubber boots, camp shoes
  • Cold weather gear (stocking caps, gloves mitts etc)
  • Camera and Film
  • Personal first aid kit (list of medications and extra meds ie insulin)
  • Optional (fishing equipment)

Be prepared to do some hiking. We will get you to and from hunting terrain with 4X4 Pick ups, 4 wheelers and snow machines however walking and hiking will be needed for chances at trophy class animals. Spend some time with your weapon. Finding out once you get here that it has problems will hurt you chances at success.

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